SWEISSY UNION Engaging communities and creating a better future

At the moment we are focusing on the following development projects

Charity for the advancement of education and relief of financial hardship within the local community:

Ever since our Charity Mission statement is to reach, sensitise, empower  and engage vulnerable and excluded Sierra Leoneans living in the UK, Sierra Leone and the wider community. Thousands are facing barriers to work and subsequent entrapment in poverty. We and our Client Groups have rolled out this project, in order to enable people to train and be able to gain employment/self-employment and the wider participation in the society geared towards Community based focussed in employment, and educational services beyond the employment model.

 In addition we incorporate  legal services, vocational and technical training qualifications in NVQ levels 2-4, and further pursuance to accredited Higher Certificates in diverse educational scheme.

Becoming an Active Citizen:

We and together with the beneficiaries will actively engage with various communities in the country to encourage involvement and participation, to many women and girls who have practical and motivational barriers to take part in community engagement and participation, we will achieve this by implementing local community plans, which will involve explaining the important of participation and communicate its values through grass root and outreach activities, like workshops.

We will also use media events to promote local and national issues that of important to their existence and damaging if they overlook these issues as to encourage involvement and participation. Through our local partnership plan, we will provide support and practical assistance such as acting as a contact point for advice, information for community building a network of key contacts, identify concerns , issues, facilities and resources to facilitate, them through our services and services that may be available. By the end of the project 2000 women and girls will be actively involved and participate, they will demonstrate improve knowledge of participation, self -confidence and motivation as a result of their involvement in the project and it will be the platform for women and girls in sierra Leone to be in decision making process.

Reaching Communities:

We and the beneficiaries will actively engage with several groups in the country to encourage shared interest project like providing sustainable alternative to access services and giving advice, to many groups, families and young peoples, where there is a gap in local strategies. We will achieve this by implementing local partnership plan, which will involves allowing groups, families and young people's voice their feelings and gain the services they want as a community through workshops.

We will allow the public to push for changes, involves in making decision, planned the services delivering to improve the services they receive, we will provide information, advice and facilitate campaign through our services and other services that may be available in order to receive appropriate service out there. We will build beneficiaries capacity through our educational program. By the end of the project 40 groups, 1000 families and 1500 young people will be actively involve and participate, they will exemplify improve knowledge of co-operation and able to identify what is out there, where to go for help as a result of this involvement in the project